Top ten of top ten websites

Here is a list of top ten websites about websites and the software they use… or thereabouts

The Moz Top 500

OK, this is a top ten of top tens and we’re giving you 500 websites to view? Actually it’s by importance of the top website domains in the world. No surprises who is top.

Top 10 Joomla Websites

Joomla has a long history and started out as a CMS called Mambo. Some people say it’s difficult to use but get with the system and its workflow and flexibility proves it a worthy contender for best CMS.

WordPress Website Showcase

We might be biased about which CMS we prefer to use but the stats also show that WordPress is the most commonly used open-source software for managing content. So take a look at what bloggers and large organisations alike are using it for.

Top Responsive Websites

The responsive web is a way of users being able to move from one device to another and still have a similar experience from a website. Adapting a layout to suit a device is often favourable to producing a new version of the website to fit a different pixel width or orientation.

27 Superb Examples of Mobile Optimized Websites

Everyone looks at the web on the move now don’t they? If you get an email you’re more likely to read it on the bus or in a bar than on your home computer. So it follows that websites you click through to should work on mobile too.

Top HTML5 Websites

It’s been a long time coming, but HTML5 is something that has been adopted by the big browser companies. So take a look at what is possible with this new, and as yet, not completely standardised version of html.

15 superb websites with video backgrounds

Using HTML5 video to enhance the viewer’s experience.

20 Websites Using Parallax Scrolling

Every few years someone comes up with a new way of viewing websites. Cramming a load of content into one page seems popular whether it’s using carousels and sliders or taking the single page approach, like parallax does. It’s a nice effect but doesn’t replace the need for ease of access to information.

Top 10 Music Downloads Websites

Most people just think of iTunes, Napster and a handful of others. And anyway, don’t people stream more than download these days?

Top 12 Free Content Management Systems

Beyond the top 3 in this list (WordPress, Joomla & Drupal) you may not have heard of any of the other CMSs in this list. But that’s not to say there aren’t alternatives. Being popular and producing regular updates is a good sign that software is being supported, which is important when it comes to bug fixing and security.

Think we’ve missed something? Leave us a comment and next time we’ll try and include you top websites listing.


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