Website Maintenance Services

We provide website maintenance services, site support and training for all our clients.  By building websites using content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress, we enable website owners to update their own content but having your website updated and maintained by us can provide a convenient fallback during busy times, or if technical know-how is a step too far. Using us as the first-line support, should a problem arise, removes sometimes lengthy sessions with webhosts while an issue is rectified. We provide a speedy turnaround for quick queries and agree a timeframe for larger tasks.

Our website maintenance and support services

Our services are provided via monthly retained contract or as an ad-hoc service. These include:

Troubleshooting and fixing outages / errors
Regular website audits for
Updating and creating website content
Plugin and website software updates
Adding users / changing permissions
Adding Google Analytics / Event & Conversion tracking
Offsite backups and disaster recovery

How we support our clients’ websites

For some it’s the support and knowledge of having someone at the end of the phone who can sort out something difficult, for others it’s getting new features and functionality working on their website. We are always available by phone via the main telephone number and for the convenience of tracking and following up on reported issues, we operate a ticketed support system via Zen Desk. Many clients email our dedicated support email address and one of our agents will respond within an agreed time either with a solution or a plan of how a question, task or issue will be resolved.

How we maintain our clients’ websites

We provide web maintenance services to many clients and for many different reasons. While content management systems provide the core functionality for customers to create their own content, there are times when experienced help is required. We are handing over a set of powerful tools which can takes a little time to learn.  We recognise that knowing how to use the update tools of a CMS is an important part of the handover from developer to client, so we include an element of training with any WordPress or Joomla development.

Website content updates are made using a tried and tested method of sharing instructions through a shared Trello board which allows everyone involved in the project to keep track of what work is being done on the website. As updates are made they can be verified and signed off by the client. This removes a long email trail which can get confused with other messages in a thread.

Software plugins and core software updates are also provided so that all client websites are running the latest and most secure versions of their chosen CMS. We are notified of patches, upgrades and urgent updates and can easily implement them to a number of websites. This is backed up by our webhosts whose own systems will automatically push websites to the latest version should an update be required at short notice. For more information, see our recent blog post, Why software and plugin updates are good for your website.

Who we do it for

What does our web maintenance service cost?

It suits most clients to have a regular number of contracted hours per month which means they can budget for updates and support without any peaks in expenditure. Regular payments are managed through GoCardless. We can also provide ad-hoc services based on a maximum agreed hourly rate of £65 + VAT. We negotiate each contract individually to provide a service suited to our clients’ business or organisation.

Get in touch

For more information about how DJA can help you with your website support and maintenance needs, please email or call  +44 (0) 20 3287 1271

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