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Creating a great website with WordPress

WordPress is a content management system for websites, is easy to use and quick to learn. It enables users to take control of their content, add posts to their blogs, manage photo galleries, e-commerce and more. Millions of users worldwide use WordPress and it is used by and by some of the biggest names and brands too.

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Some of the benefits of using WordPress

  • your website can be managed through a simple dashboard
  • web pages can be created with ease
  • easily write and publish blog posts
  • create drafts and preview before publishing
  • add media through click and drag functionality
  • zero cost ie you don’t pay a licence fee for the software

What can I use WordPress for?

There are many uses for WordPress. These include:

  • e-commerce store
  • online training
  • company website
  • multi-lingual website content website
  • portfolio site
  • gallery website

WordPress is not just a blogging tool

Besides the ability to easily produce blog posts, WordPress is also great for SEO, it’s easy to update and is well supported. WordPress has a low cost of ownership and there is no licence fee. There are specific hosting packages for WordPress websites which focus on security and the speed to load pages. It is possible to produce WordPress websites in multiple languages and it works with SSL.

Who uses WordPress and why?

Over 40% of the internet is now powered by WordPress, including countless global brands. Its plugins include those with security features to prevent malicious login attempts, SEO enhancements with features to make your site visible to search engines.

Who are DJA?

DJA has over 20 years experience creating websites for a huge range of clients. We are located in the thriving tech district of Shoreditch, East London.

Let’s talk WordPress websites

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