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WordPress design and development services

We are WordPress developers based in East London. We design and build websites using WordPress, an open source Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is easy to use and quick to learn. It enables users to take control of their content, add posts to their blogs, manage photo galleries, e-commerce and more. WordPress is used by millions of users worldwide and by some of the biggest names and brands too. For some real-world examples take a look at the WordPress Showcase.

Some benefits of developing with WordPress

In a recent article on medium.com entitled Why WordPress is best for website development there’s a list of benefits of using WordPress for developing websites. These include:

  • It’s quick and easy to learn
  • Zero cost ie you don’t pay a licence fee for the software
  • WordPress is built using PHP and MySQL which are both free, open-source, software
  • Large user base (approx. 75 million websites are built with WordPress)
  • Thousands of plugins
  • Built-in search and SEO
  • Secure – provided the regular updates are applied, which we do

Who we design WordPress websites for

Clients who use WordPress sites developed by DJA come from many backgrounds including interior design, music, architecture, politics, executive search, television and print media. Even from our time as freelance WordPress developers we have been producing websites in other languages including Portuguese for a Brazilian audience and Italian. It’s also possible to create multilingual web content and we developed a WordPress website for a client containing, English, French and German content which was essential to their business.

The majority of website requirements can be answered through design and build. With a wealth of web development experience, DJA is also able to extend the core functionality of WordPress through plugin development. We have helped a number of clients where their requirements extended beyond one of the thousands of WordPress plugins available as free downloads. This in turn helps them grow in their own markets, adding value to their business and exposure to their products and services.

Take a look at our recent work  pages for WordPress or contact us to find out more about our WordPress development services

Isn’t it just a blogging tool?

It’s true that WordPress was once considered a blogging tool. As the software has developed it has become better known as a content management system used by some of the world’s biggest companies. We have even developed e-commerce websites using WordPress. Our WordPress themes are bespoke which means that any web design is tailored to a client’s needs. This removes a lot of the unnecessary extras that some off the shelf themes come with. This can include premium plugins which can be more difficult to update.

WordPress for SEO

Search engine optimisation is such an important part of site development. Using WordPress as a CMS is one helpful route to improving SEO, enhanced by using plugins which enable better control over page titles and descriptions, even scoring your pages and articles for their search engine ranking potential. Our development work with WordPress is geared towards improving on-page SEO.

We are also regular contributors to the developer community, posting questions and providing solutions on a range of WordPress related topics.

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