HTML5 defined – it’s not CSS3

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This has been reported elsewhere, but it’s useful to bear in mind. ExtJS has a blog entry on how people are confusing the upcoming HTML5 spec with things like CSS3. And they say this is the same confusion that brought the overuse of AJAX and Web2.0 terms. The spec is just a “broad collection of next generation technologies”.  And it lists them as:

  • The HTML5 spec
  • Cascading Style Sheets Version 3 (CSS3)
  • Web Workers
  • Web Storage
  • Web SQL Database
  • Web Sockets
  • Geolocation
  • Microdata
  • Device API and File API

Read the whole article at: and find out some useful terms, and what HTML5 is *not*.

Update: I like this a lot “Finally, HTML5 removes many presentational markup elements that littered earlier HTML specs, like <center> and <font>. It also disallows direct table styling, instead, requiring the use of CSS. Frames are also officially eliminated.” Maybe one day, when tidying someone else’s code all these things will be a distant memory.

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