WordPress vehicle rental enquiry system plugin development

Project Overview

Coded contributions to WordPress car rental plugin project

We were asked to work on a car rental website development project. We examined the complexities and logistics of providing a vehicle rental system plugin to power a WordPress website with an updatable fleet of vehicles. In the backend the plugin would enable the addition of vehicles with a number of features such as doors, engine size, etc. In the front end the user could choose dates for collection and/or delivery within pre-defined opening hours. From a base price calculated on a reducing rate the longer the rental was for, the user could then add further parameters such as Collision Damage Waiver, European Insurance and extra drivers.

Our role on this project was a coders which meant spending a good while working through the logic of one way bookings, drop off and collections and the associated costs. With any change to date or the extra options, the price of all visible vehicles would change accordingly. In the Long Term Booking section we made this work with an Ajax call to update the page without refreshing as the requirements were simpler but the effect was unobtrusive but instant.

Completing a vehicle booking enquiry

Once the website user was happy with their details a booking form would collect their personal details and also any address for delivery or collection if it differed from their own address. We ensured that details entered would be stored during the process in case the user navigated away from the form or wanted to change vehicle.

Recording details of enquiries

Each booking request is stored in the database and is viewable by site admins through the WordPress dashboard. A number of elements utilised the Ajax features of WordPress to enable updates of details such as phone, email and address. Enquiries could then be approved or declined based on request.

No payment taken

For this version of the system it wasn’t necessary to take payment as there are other factors that would influence the approval or otherwise of a booking.

Keep on booking

To date the system using our car rental website development, has taken over 1000 booking enquiries via the online vehicle booking plugin, deployed via WordPress.

WordPress plugin development

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Project Details

Date: October 2015

Service: WordPress plugin development

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