Portfolio: Shape To Fabrication

Project Overview

The Shape to Fabrication conference has been running for nearly 20 years and we created a reboot of their website for the 2018 event. Organised by Simply Rhino, the event itself presents innovative real world projects in architecture and design, “…going beyond the theoretical…” and features presentations and talks on projects by major names in the industry.

Video was recorded of presenters and attendees at the previous event in 2018 and we used this as the backdrop to the homepage of the website.

The 2020 event was postponed due to lockdowns but it has been announced for April 2023.

Using WordPress, custom post types and custom fields we created a template that would enable easy content updates for presentation information, including time order and splitting into different days. The site utilises structured data for the event to give it extra searchability. We also looked at mobile-first, dispensing with a traditional navigation bar and replacing it with a mobile menu for all devices. This gave us more space for content and the engaging video sequence at the start.

Project Details

Date: December 2022

Website: https://shapetofabrication.com/

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